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Prepping Your Home To Sell For More

This spring we are focused on the word "grow" - not only because it is symbolic of all that is happening around us this time of year, but also because we want to serve you in growing towards your financial goals. Working in real estate, we have the honor of helping our families, friends and client family (like you!) make wise decisions that can set them up for long term success. So, we want to ask you this question... "What does growth look like to you this year?"

Maybe you are interested in buying your dream home, downsizing, investing in your first Airbnb, or simply just curious about the market. Wherever your curiosity leads you, we want you to know that we are on the other side with vetted advice & industry knowledge to help. That's why we are launching our monthly GROW newsletters to help tackle your questions and keep you informed.

March Month Topic: PREPPING YOUR HOME TO SELL FOR MORE. If you aren't quite yet looking to sell, treat the following tips as a helpful way to get your space prepped and refreshed for spring.

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Let's Grow!

Having a game plan makes all the difference. It’s not too soon to start the conversation about what projects to tackle to get your home ready to sell.

What can you do now? Get it all out on paper. Starting a list can help give you some clarity on what to prioritize first. Putting your future plans on paper also helps them not feel as weighty as compared to when they are just in your head taking up "real estate." After making your list, consider setting a specific date & time to get it done. We are more likely to accomplish our plans when we are more specific with them. Also- keep it simple. Start off with just 3 tasks and ask for help when they are outside of your wheelhouse!

Getting rid of unwanted and unused items can be therapeutic - and fun! Many sellers turn to sites like Facebook Marketplace and OfferUp to help them offload their goods, and make some money in the process.

What can you do now? Start with a small space like a drawer or front closet. When you have these smaller bursts of completed work you are more likely to keep going! Another helpful tip is setting a timer and seeing what you can get done within that set timeframe. Make the process enjoyable - make a new playlist just to listen to when you are cleaning out your spaces. Lastly, don't forget to celebrate the small wins and consider implementing a reward system.

Deep cleans prior to photos and showings will make a world of difference. The halo effect is real, and if potential buyers get the impression the home is super-well cared for, then that increases their desire for the home. Deep cleans help achieve this goal.

What can you do now? This may seen simple but get fresh cleaning supplies! When you purchase everything you will need before your deep clean it helps you not have to put it off later because you are missing the correct supplies. Open your phone as if you are sending a text to yourself and as you walk around your home with fresh eyes, text yourself a list of all the cleaning supplies you may need. Pro tip - don't cram it all into one day, space it out and take a healthy pace with it. Once started, it's easy to want to just clear it all at once, but give yourself breaks in between!

We helped our clients buy this home for $190,000 in January 2022 and sell it for $290,000 exactly 1 year later.

This story is just one of the many wins we've had with our awesome clients. It's so rewarding to see their goals become a reality.

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Hidden Gems

Thanks for reading to the end of this newsletter, we hope it's been helpful to you! We'd love to catch up soon over coffee, here's a quick little message from Nick before you go!

"Recently I found myself in between appointments with some time to spare, so I did a search for a local coffee shop. Fireside Coffee showed up as along my route and I thought to pop in and try it out. Not knowing what to expect (as the location is rather odd located behind a single-family home off a main road) I pulled in and was delighted by the experience. The barista suggested a pour-over, so I ordered that. Now, I have to tell you- this was hands down- THE BEST coffee I’ve EVER had. Every sip literally put a new variation of a smile on my face- as I kept thinking it was going to get less good as the cup’s contents got lower. But it did not disappoint- it was delicious down to the last drop! Needless to say- I can’t wait to return!" - Nick Tong, Team Leader.

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