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Motivation & Home Maintenance

*Downloadable Checklists, New Routines & A Letter From Nick.

Hey Reader!

All of us here at Tong Real Estate hope you are having a great end to your October. Something that we have noticed over the years is that this season in particular can have a huge impact on our motivation and our ability to maintain that motivation as the months get colder here in Michigan. The evening retreats into darkness earlier, the leaves fall and the change from wearing shorts to knit sweaters can come all too quickly after a warm summer. This is why we've collected some helpful things in this blog to hopefully motivate not only ourselves but our friends and family too!

What's in this Blog?

  1. Re-Centering Routines: Ever wonder what our typical morning or evening routine looks like for the different members of our team? Maybe there are a few on our list that you can draw inspiration from and implement into your own routine! *we also included a free printable routine sheet for you to give a try...

  2. Downloadable Home Checklist: Need a list for what to do to prepare your home for winter? We have a maintenance checklist ready for you to print and use to stay on task. Doing these things now will help you save money later!

  3. Recent Reviews & Wins: We've incorporated a recent review & win for our team with a prompt for you to write or reflect upon a personal recent win for you as well.

  4. A Letter From Nick: Our Team leader has a few updates for you at the end of this newsletter. Keep reading for more...


What Do We Do Daily? Our Team's Personal Routines

Routines can help a lot with motivation. Sometimes in the colder months we just need that extra push to get up early when the skies are still dark and stay consistent with the routines we have set for ourselves. Are you in need of a change of pace with your morning routine? Click the PDF below to view our routine "must-haves" and download a free template for you to print and try out for yourself!

Team Routines &. Templates
Download PDF • 1.82MB


What You Can Do To Prep Your Home For Winter NOW

We have compiled our seasonal home maintenance checklist for you to print off and go through. Avoid floods, fires & costly home expenses by doing these things now.

Click the PDF file below to download the checklist and get started today!

Download PDF • 229KB


Focusing on the Positive

Hearing your positive feedback is so encouraging and motivating to hear! We recently sold a home in Ann Arbor and this review was so awesome for us to read. (*Shout out to Neel Hajra, if you are reading this right now - thank you so much, it was an honor to serve you! )

“I can't think of a better compliment to Nick as a seller's agent than what happened right before close: a neighbor complained to him and us that the home was selling for "too much." Nice problem to have, right? Nick helped us in so many ways:

  • Providing thoughtful careful market research to understand what was possible

  • Being wonderfully accessible throughout the process

  • Recommending investments in the house to significantly increase its sales price

  • Bringing contractors in as needed for enhancements and repairs

  • Creating an amazing video that brought in the foot traffic

  • Beautifully staging the house with one of his partners

  • Getting us an excellent sales price and a smooth close

We HIGHLY recommend Nick and would work with him again for sure!” - Neel Hajra.

Read MORE of our Results & Reviews by clicking HERE.


Hey Friends!

Keeping up with on-going maintenance is not necessarily the most fun thing to do, now is it? That being said, I do find there is a sense of accomplishment when these things get taken care of.

When I meet with potential sellers who have let maintenance items fall by the wayside, it can feel overwhelming to them to try and tackle these things prior to listing. So if you have the ability to stay on top of your home’s maintenance, you’ll be super happy that you did! Luckily, if some of these items have fallen by the wayside, we can get you connected to some of our trusted trades to help 😊

Recently I’ve talked with several clients who were debating whether to move in the colder months, or wait until the spring. As someone who has moved in all 4 seasons, I can tell you my favorite time to move is actually in winter. This may be surprising to many! Here are four reasons I like to move in winter:

1. There are traditionally less buyers active in the colder months, so you have less competition, and may be able to negotiate a better deal

2. When the ground is frozen, there is less mud being tracked into your new home

3. Most bugs and critters are not active- so less pesky when you’re hauling things in and out, with doors open for longer periods of time

4. t’s cooler out, so you sweat less (I hate being hot! LOL)

There are some incredible loan programs currently being offered at the moment. We have several clients we are currently helping with new home purchases, where they will be bringing little to no money of their own. This is HUGE! Many people think they need to save up lots of money in order to purchase, and this is often not the case. If you know anyone who is considering purchasing a home, but feel they aren’t in a position yet to do so, the team and I would be happy to chat with them about some of the options available to them. For whatever season you find yourself in- we are here to help serve you.

Cheers to a gorgeous fall season everyone!

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